Title: Things to evaluate before starting the Supply Chain Finance program

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time: 11:00 AM Central European Time

Duration: 45 minutes

Welcome to our second webinar in a series of three about Supply Chain Finance (SCF).

In our first webinar we discussed how to release working capital and to tackle the payment term extension challenges by utilizing Supply Chain Finance.

Join our second interactive webinar and get insights on:

  1. What are the strategic goals for introducing the SCF program?
  2. How to define target group for SCF program and how to schedule the rollout.
  3. What changes are needed IT vice and to the current processes.

OpusCapita Supply Chain Finance solution makes it possible for big and medium sized buyer organizations operating globally to extend their payment terms although the Supplier will receive early payments when they wish. This will decrease Supplier risk with a positive impact to the working capital.

Welcome to all practitioners wanting to get insight on SCF. All who register will be sent the taped recording, it is free of charge to join.

Please contact the organizer for more information: onlineteam@opuscapita.com.

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Webinar 2016-01-28