Combine modern technology with ”smartshoring” models for BPO

• Automation of Knowledge Work is recognized as one of the keydisruptive technologies within the next 10 years with an estimated economicimpact of $ 5200-6700 billion in 2025.
• It has been estimated that 47 % of the US workforce are at highrisk to be replaced by software automation within the next 10-20 years.
(Sources: McKinsey, Oxford University 2013)

We at OpusCapita have long experience from using robotics in ownshared service centers (eg. F&A, Payroll etc) as well as to help customersto create business cases, implementing and operating RPA in their environment.

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Financial and Accounting Outsourcing

Stay focused on your core business operations and let an experienced partner take care of your financial processes. OpusCapita provides companies with modern, outsourced finance and accounting services.

We use modern technology such as software robotics, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, with near-shoring to offer you highly-automated financial processes and professional services that meet your changing business needs. You can be sure that your finance and accounting processes stay competitive at all times, as we are continuously developing them according to best practices. You can benefit from the cost savings, flexibility and skilled resources of the outsourced service.

You can either give us the responsibility of all the operations and development in your order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay or payroll,for instance, or choose a hybrid model and combine finance and accounting processes as a service with your own service production. Either way, we are dedicated to improving your F&A processes’ performance and efficiency end-to-end.