Supply Chain Finance

What's in it for procurement professionals?

Working capital and supply-chain finance are hot topics for today’s CFOs. But how do they translate into the world of procurement professionals? 
The traditional role of the procurement function has been to reduce costs while maintaining an undisturbed supply. But this is changing. Nowadays, companies are increasingly focusing on working capital management, which means that finance and treasury departments often try to push longer payment terms onto suppliers. Procurement is then left to handle these difficult negotiations…
This webinar is designed to help procurement professionals deal with this changing scenario.
  • Why are companies extending payment terms, and will suppliers hit back with price increases?
  • How do longer payment terms impact the working capital performance of the buyer, and of the supplier?
  • How can companies finance their working capital needs?
  • Factoring is understandable, but what is reverse factoring?
  • Back in the day, we had traditional cash discounts. But what are these dynamic discounts all about?
Who should attend: CPOs, CFOs and procurement professionals.


Duration: 30 minutes