OpusCapita’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey 2016 results revealed that 50 % of the responding companies are currently working with or investigating RPA opportunities. These companies have a lot of expectations but also some fears and concerns. At the same time the forerunners utilizing virtual assistants are gaining big benefits. Join our webinar with Aalto University to:

  • Hear the other hot findings from the latest surveys
  • How to succeed in RPA yourself - based on expert and survey judgements
  • Practical examples how to lead the change management and start implementing

Duration: 45 minutes


Mrs. Riitta Bekkhus, Pre Doc at Aalto university (IT/Business Digitalization), is a service management professional with a long experience in various managerial positions in large Nordic companies.


Mrs. Piritta Östling, Process Lead at OpusCapita, has been running several RPA process transformations and seen the pain points of such changes on the shop floor.


Mrs. Heini Pensar, Head of Professional Services at OpusCapita, has a great experience in working closely with enterprise leadership from multiple industries in designing global tailor-made service solutions.

Henri-Wiik2.jpg Henri Wiik, Product Marketing Manager, RPA & AI, OpusCapita

Please contact the organizer for more information: onlineteam@opuscapita.com.

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2016-08-26 Webinar LP


Welcome to join the first webinar in a series of three on Intelligent Automation boosting Business Services (RPA&AI).