“You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it.” This saying has never been more relevant than in today’s procurement environment, where data-driven insights now make it possible for comprehensive analysis of suppliers, category and department spend, forecasting, risk analysis, and more.

It’s a big subject though, so what exactly are the most important data points for a procurement professional to follow?

Join us for a presentation on how just five key insights into your procurement process data can help you to:

  1. Better analyze your suppliers to highlight risks and opportunities
  2. Design even more effective early payment programs
  3. Get deeper insight into the impact of your off-contract spend
  4. Use goods receipt and quality inspections to highlight contract compliance/non-compliance
  5. See how seasonal spend over time can help in forecasting your cash needs

Who should attend: CPOs, procurement professionals and those connected to the buying process in organizations with room for improvement in their indirect purchasing process. 

Duration: 45 minutes

Rowan Lemley1.jpg

Rowan Lemley, Senior Marketing Manager, OpusCapita


Kati Myllyniemi, Managing Consultant, OpusCapita


Martin Casserdahl, Head of Consulting & Training, Services, OpusCapita

Please contact the organizer for more information: onlineteam@opuscapita.com.

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