With the PSD2 directive – seen as the biggest game changer since SEPA – banks will no longer hold a monopoly on payments. The account information of businesses will be made accessible to new 3rd parties, opening the door for companies to manage payments and take advantage of other finance opportunities.

Watch our webinar for a fast-paced 30-minute discussion covering the following topics:
  1. What is PSD2?
  2. How will it affect my business?
  3. What steps should I take to be ready for it?
  4. Where can I find more information?
Who should attend: For anyone in the finance function of a B2B enterprise.

Duration: 30 min
Speakers: from OpusCapita
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Rowan Lemley, Senior Marketing Manager, has over 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During that time, he has lead product marketing for AP Automation, B2B networks, and most recently eProcurement and Product Information Management solutions. 


Jukka Sallinen, Head of Cash Management, BES products, has more than 10 years of experience from international and complex payment factory and SWIFT projects, banking interfaces and integrations. Currently Jukka is leading OpusCapita’s cash management product line.
Please contact the organizer for more information: onlineteam@opuscapita.com.

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