Information regarding contracts

OpusCapita is sharpening its customer focus by reorganizing its operations into two separate entities, OpusCapita Solutions and Posti Messaging. With this, we want to improve our ability to provide our customers in both business-to-business (B2B) and in business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors with the best possible solutions and services.

The new corporate structure will be operational as of May 1, 2018. We have already operated as separate brands of OpusCapita and Posti Messaging form January 1, 2018.

OpusCapita will focus on B2B customers and serve them with global solutions for source-to-pay, product information management and cash management. The invoice and document sending solutions, other document scanning solutions and debt collection for customers operating mainly in the B2C sector will be provided as part of Posti Group’s service offering under the name of Posti Messaging.

With the reorganization, the contracts covering either fully or partly the B2B solutions need to be assigned and transferred to a new legal entity, OpusCapita Solutions. In Finland, the reorganization is performed as a corporate demerger, which means that the contracts covering the solutions provided by Posti Messaging will also be transferred to a new legal entity. In Sweden and Norway, the reorganization is performed as a business transfer, which means that  the contracts covering the solutions provided by Posti Messaging will continue to be provided by the current contract party, only the name of the company will change.

You can find the complete list of our products and services and the information to which counterparty they will belong after the reorganization is finalized here.

You will find the answers to the most common questions in this Q&A document.

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