A CEO perspective on the post-invoice economy

In this webinar we will take on the perspective of a CEO on this paradigm shift that is leading us towards the post-invoice economy.

OpusCapita’s CEO, Patrik Sallner, is one of the first who recognized the shift and has focused his work around enabling OpusCapita to become a partner for our customers to make this shift. Find out from Patrik where an organization should focus their efforts in the coming years.

After this webinar, an attendee should have a new perspective of the ongoing shift towards an ever more digital era. They should be able to recognize the convergence and see where prioritization is required.

This webinar will be valuable for all individuals and organizations who are concerned with maintaining or building competitive advantage by understanding which trends and technologies are converging and what the impact will be.

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

Patrik Sallner

CEO, OpusCapita

Patrik joined OpusCapita Group, a subsidiary of Posti Group, as CEO in October 2015. In his previous role as CEO of VC-funded start-up MariaDB Corporation, he built MariaDB into the fastest growing relational database used by the likes of Google, Amazon, Red Hat and Barclay’s Bank.

Rowan Lemley

Head of Product Marketing, OpusCapita

Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, eProcurement and Product Information Management.