smarter procurement


Smarter Procurement: 4 Procurement Challenges and Solutions

In this ebook, we will look at some of the most common challenges in modern procurement and present smart solutions to them with evidence from 4 real-life case studies.

Topics covered are:

  • Chapter 1: How modern catalog management and purchasing process support end users
    • Case study: An easy solution for 40 000 employees to order custom uniforms
  • Chapter 2: How to make purchasing of spare parts simple, effective, and compliant
    • Case study: A seamless and straight-forward process to requisition and order spare parts
  • Chapter 3:  How efficient MRO procurement can help build competitive advantage
    • Case study: A full integration of a maintenance catalog with an asset management system
  • Chapter 4: How technology and automation can enable hands-free buying
    • Case study: A future-proof guided buying solution 



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