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Billentis Market Report 2019

Global invoicing volume set to quadruple by 2035

The global e-invoicing market is growing rapidly. While the total amount of e-invoicing is estimated at 55 billion in 2019, that number is set to grow 10-20% annually, led by the Nordics and Latin America. This is still low compared to the 550 billion global invoicing volume.

While the first phase of e-invoicing was led by the private sector, this next phase is being led by Governments. In Europe, new EU directives obligate over 100 000 public agencies to support certain e-invoicing standards, to develop automated processing of electronic invoices and to migrate certain procurement processes towards electronic procedures by the end of 2019.

Read this report to learn more about:

  • Global e-invoicing trends
  • Factors affecting e-invoicing growth
  • How the scope for e-invoicing is widening
  • Best practices to ensure success in your e-invoicing project
  • Emerging technologies



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