ProcureCon 2017 Europe Survey:

An automated future

Procurement automation is a high priority in nearly half of all companies 

Procurement in European companies is maturing and modernizing rapidly. At the same time, the pace of the ongoing digital transformation is increasingly challenging the organizations. This comes across in the recent ProcureCon Europe 2017 Benchmarking Survey.

The ProcureCon Survey, supported by OpusCapita as a partner, provides latest insight into the development of procurement in European organizations. One of the major trend revealed in the results of the survey concerns automation: implementing procurement automation is a high priority in almost a half of the respondent’s companies (47%), and on the radar for nearly all the rest (48%).

The 100 high-level procurement executives interviewed for the ProcureCon survey also shared their views on topics such as:

  • What type of technologies are used to increase the performance of procurement?
  • How closely does procurement function work together with finance department?
  • What is the state of readiness for the 2018 EU mandates for business-to-government e-invoicing?
  • How important is Supply Chain Financing?

“Over recent years, both procurement and finance have stepped out of their silos to collaborate more closely, aiming for a single, integrated and automated process. The digital change, which is clearly conveyed in the survey results, further emphasizes the importance of enabling close collaboration also between buyers and suppliers, and the need for connecting all the stakeholders involved in the extended source-to-pay chain”, says Patrik Sallner, CEO, OpusCapita, commenting on the ProcureCon survey.

Read the ProcureCon Europe 2017 Benchmarking Survey to get fresh views on the development of procurement in companies, and find out how your organization compares to others in Europe!

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