What would simplify your high maintenance requisition to pay process?
Hear Case Equinor and join for our roundtable discussion!
October 7, 2020
Bonnierhuset | Online | Stockholm

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S2P Summit

Asbjorn-IsachsenAsbjørn Isachsen
Leader Supply Chain Management, Equinor

What could the next generation buying platform look like?

Asbjørn Isachsen, Leader Supply Chain Management, Equinor

Equinor is creating a One Stop Shop. And not only for your typical low risk, low value supplies - what will be enabled is complex categories where failure is not an option.Where an oil rig might be taken out of production if the supplies are not accurate.

  • Why did Equinor decide to create a One Stop Shop?
  • What were the challenges that needed to be solved?
  • How has and will the buying experience be changed?
  • Which effect will the requisitioning platform have on end to end visibility and control?
  • What has been achieved so far, what are the lessons learned and what will happen next?

What would simplify your high maintenance requisition to pay process?

Asbjørn Isachsen,  Leader Supply Chain Management, E
quinor & OpusCapita

Lets continue discussing the One Stop Shop Equinor is creating.  Learn more about the resources used and what the collaboration between stakeholders and technology provider has been like. Make sure to ask all your questions and compare with the peer group!

  • How does your as-is buying structure compare with Equinor and what are the main challenges?
  • Is a One Stop Shop something for all to consider?
  • What role does data accuracy have to ensure success?
  • Learn from extended insights into the lessons learned during the project to date!

We look forward to meeting and networking with you!

Dag Elvheim
Dag Elvheim
Sales Executive
Morten Haakonsen
Morten Haakonsen
Sales Executive

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