cash agile

Cash Agile

The new paradigm of the post-invoice economy

Business-to-business commerce is facing a dramatic shift. The rapid consumerization of B2B software, the impact of intelligent automation on transactional processes, and the potential re-write of how businesses are connected via blockchain represent a fundamental change in our ways of doing business, and also determine the future of source-to-pay and other core B2B processes.

We will soon arrive at a post-invoice economy. To put it briefly, it is a new era, where procurement and cash management will become central to the value creation within organizations, as highly transactional processes, like accounts payable and accounts receivable, will be automated and will provide less and less value.

In order to avoid becoming out-dated and losing competitive edge, a new way of thinking is required. It is the new paradigm, which we call Cash Agile.

This whitepaper outlines the story of Cash Agile and explores the new foundations of value creation in B2B world. It provides insight into the future of source-to-pay and working capital optimization, and the agility that is needed to manage business in real time, and to be able to predict, plan and react quickly.

What does the post-invoice economy mean for your organization and how can you prepare for it? What is required to be Cash Agile? How to be ready for the future of source-to-pay? These are the questions that should be top of mind for every c-level executive.

This whitepaper describes where value and competitive edge will be derived from in the rapidly approaching future. Read it, jump-start your thinking and be proactive!

“Recognizing the reality of the post-invoice economy demands a new way of thinking. We believe Cash Agile defines that new paradigm.” - Patrik Sallner, CEO, OpusCapita




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