Procurement in the Nordics 2020

45 minutes

About The Webinar

Ostensibly, the Procurement Department has two mandates: buy what the organization needs to achieve its goals and spend as little as possible along the way. With globalization, disruptive technology and opportunities only becoming available with increasing digitalization, the age-old mantra of the Procurement function is changing.

In this webinar we will rely on the latest market research from IDC to help better understand where procurement departments are seeing their biggest challenges and how digital transformation will shape their development agenda.

We will discuss:

  • The IDC survey results for Procurement in the Nordics 2020
  • Key challenges faced by Procurement
  • The 80-20 rule - is it still relevant?
  • Direct vs Indirect
  • How procurement in the Nordics is unique

Who should attend:
You should attend if you are in a leadership role in Procurement or aspire to be. We expect to open the conversation to hear your thoughts and comments. Join us and join the conversation.

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Meet The Speakers

Miia Lönnqvist
Miia Lönnqvist
Sales Executive
Miia has experience combination of sales, customer service, purchasing, sourcing and development activities in various positions in direct- and indirect business areas, related to services and materials (e.g. IT SW & HW & Consultancy and Marketing & Communications). She has led global virtual teams in matrix organizations, trained colleagues/stakeholders, supported colleagues by mentoring and as a key user for ERP, eSourcing&eAuction and logistics tracking solutions (e.g. SAP R/3, SAP-Ariba, ScanMarket, Sievo).
Rowan Lemley
Rowan Lemley
Head of Product Marketing
Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, eProcurement and Product Information Management.