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About The Interview

"In procurement and so many other areas of life, you can only reduce the complexity so much. The key is to own the complexity or it will own you." Miia Lönnqvist, procurement changemaker.

This webinar is part of a series of changemaker interviews we will run in 2020 and our first changemaker is Miia Lönnqvist. Miia has worked within procurement for almost 2 decades in senior roles for large organizations and as a consultant, specializing in procurement transformation. We expect this to be highly interesting.

Changemakers do not have to be leaders but they often are. Changemakers, as we have interviewed them, often talk about their department’s connection to customer satisfaction or their role as leaders supporting the careers of their team or just providing better processes. This new breed of procurement leader shows a blend of empathy and classic management by numbers. These characteristics are what we want to examine closer in the interview. 

Join us each month as we explore the key motivations and the driving goals of modern, procurement changemakers. We will discuss the solutions they use, their choices in selection, their methods for cost reduction and their ambitions for the future.

Who should attend:
If you are curious about what it takes to be a procurement leader or simply how others in your profession think and act - you should join.

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Meet The Speakers

Miia Lonnqvist
Miia Lönnqvist
Head of Procurement Excellence (ITIL)
Miia has experience combination of sales, customer service, purchasing, sourcing and development activities in various positions in direct- and indirect business areas, related to services and materials (e.g. IT SW & HW & Consultancy and Marketing & Communications). She has led global virtual teams in matrix organizations, trained colleagues/stakeholders, supported colleagues by mentoring and as a key user for ERP, eSourcing&eAuction and logistics tracking solutions (e.g. SAP R/3, SAP-Ariba, ScanMarket, Sievo).
Rowan Lemley
Rowan Lemley
Head of Product Marketing
Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, eProcurement and Product Information Management.