Implementing bank connectivity with Valmet

45 minutes

About The Webinar

Bank connectivity is the foundation that most companies use to build their modern Treasury and Cash Management functions. Depending on your own banking strategy and structure, there can be several approaches.

Join this webinar if you’d like to learn more about:

  • The pros and cons of SWIFT vs Direct connections
  • Why Valmet chose SWIFT connectivity
  • Lessons learned while implementing a global solution

Who should attend:
Any Finance or IT professional that wants to learn more about implementing a bank connectivity solution that matches their banking strategy.


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Meet The Speakers

Antti Puttonen
Antti E. Puttonen
IT Service Manager
Valmet Corporation
Antti Puttonen has 7 years of experience from Valmet cash management and treasury domain related projects. During OpusCapita cloud-based payment solution implementation for Valmet, he worked as a Valmet’s project manager and technical responsible. Currently Antti is working as responsible of IT treasury systems and overall IT architecture of cash management and treasury domain.
Markus Makkonen
Markus Makkonen
Product Manager Cash Management Platform, OpusCapita
Markus Makkonen has 7 years of experience from international and complex payment factory projects. Currently Markus is working as the product manager of OpusCapita cash management platform and bank connectivity.