Staying alive in the post invoice economy

Business-to-business commerce is facing a dramatic shift.

The competitive pressures on businesses have never been higher. New entrants to the market are leveraging disruptive technologies and understanding the ongoing demographic shifts in that threaten to make existing businesses obsolete. In the new era, old ways of thinking will not work anymore.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift and entering what we call the post-invoice economy.

In the post-invoice economy, the rapid consumerization of B2B software, the impact of intelligent automation on transactional processes, and the potential re-write of how businesses are connected e.g. via blockchain represent a fundamental change in our ways of doing business. New agility is required in the source-to-pay process and in other core B2B processes, as procurement and cash management will take the lead in driving value and competitive advantage for organizations.

In this second webinar covering the topic, we will approach the post-invoice economy on a more concrete level. Join us to discuss the actions that are needed to stay relevant in the new era of B2B commerce, and to understand what is needed to survive this inevitable digital shift.

This webinar is for anyone who prefers to be prepared for the coming seismic shifts.


Duration: 45 minutes