30 minutes
May 12, 2020
13:00 CEST / 14:00 EEST

About The Webinar

We believe seeing is believing! In this live demo, we will show you how our dashboards enable you to easily manage missing statements or get a quick overview of your cash positions in certain banks, business divisions, companies or bank accounts. With our flexible reporting tool, you can build reports with drag and drop-functionality to meet your reporting needs. With our hierarchy-settings design, you can create your own structures of bank accounts, cash-pools and mix of companies to enable a fully customized visualization of cash positions.

In this live demo we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Dashboards: How to set up Balance Tracker gadgets for monitoring the bank account statement imports
  • Liquidity Reports: How to build the most commonly used Cash Visibility reports using different dimensions (currency, cashpool, company, business division etc)
  • Hierarchies: How to create and manage bank account and company hierarchies for report purposes
  • How to collect your favorite Cash Visibility Reports in a Dashboard
Who should attend:
This webinar is for treasury professionals who are looking for new ways to take their liquidity management forward.

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Meet The Speaker

Karl-Henrik Sundberg
Presales Executive Lead
Karl-Henrik has a background from CM in Transaction Banking followed by 6 years as head of Cash Management at a Corporate Treasury. As CM Presales in OpusCapita he is involved in sales, RFPs, product demos and product development of the next generation Cash Management modules.