Live Demo: Liquidity Management

A guided tour to automated Cash Forecasting.

One of the key challenges in liquidity management for Treasurers and Cash Managers is to achieve visibility for cash and to be able to create reliable cash forecasts. Discover OpusCapita Liquidity!

In this live demo we will demonstrate how you can increase your forecasting accuracy with OpusCapita Liquidity. We will show you first-hand how you can automate the preparation of your company’s daily cash position, allowing you to analyze more efficiently current and future cash flows. We will introduce you to the features and functionalities that will help you get rid of routine, manual tasks in liquidity management and that will make reporting on a Group level easier and more controlled.

We will go through for instance:

  • How you can automate account balance tracking
  • How automated Cash Forecasting can provide better information on the direction of your cash balances
  • How Treasury can monitor subsidiaries’ Cash Forecasting accuracy

In the live demo webinar you will also have a chance to ask questions yourself or learn from those asked by your peers. Join us and find out concrete solutions to some of the key challenges in liquidity management!

Duration: 45 minutes