The future of B2B commerce - CEO insights

In this webinar, OpusCapita CEO Patrik Sallner discusses the future outlook of business-to-business trade, and shares his insights on the trends in the industry.

We live in a digital age. But the digital transformation is far from complete in the B2B world.

Digitalization, globalization and consumerization are now driving changes in the way businesses interact with each other. Where will the competitive edge be in the digital, real-time economy we are headed to?

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to change from a reactive to proactive approach in business and assume a forward looking perspective. Join our webinar for an insightful conversation with OpusCapita CEO Patrik Sallner. He shares his views on the direction where finance, procurement, and cash management will develop in a few years’ time, and outlines the path towards the future.

Duration: 30 minutes