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Procurement in the Nordics 2020

Whitepaper: Procurement in the Nordics 2020

This whitepaper from IDC summarizes in depth research into procurement trends in the Nordics with a look towards 2020 and beyond. 

While procurement is still focused on cost optimization, new challenges emerge around complexity and the increasing trend of servicification faced by procurement departments in modern economies. 

Over 400 respondents across the Nordics contributed to this whitepaper with insights covering the following topics:

  • Where is the strategic focus of Procurement and is it changing.
  • How do Procurement teams organize and how do these choices support cultural requirements.
  • Services procurement and the shift from vendor products to vendor services. ‘servicification’
  • The role of technology in optimizing procurement and buyer-supplier collaboration

This whitepaper from IDC and the underlying research is sponsored by OpusCapita



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